Date: April 2016


Looking forward to the future – Richmond Villages offers 10 Top Tips when thinking about where and how you might like to live in retirement


“If you are starting to think about retirement, have you considered that now may be a great time to look forward, make a fresh start, explore new hobbies and meet new people?  It’s exciting!” says Paddy Brice, managing director of Richmond Villages, a pioneer in bringing the retirement village concept to the UK.

Enjoying drinks on the terrace at Richmond Painswick
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Richmond Witney which has recently opened
in 2016
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The nature reserve, lake and grounds
of Richmond Letcombe Regis
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“The changing nature of the UK population means that the proportion of older people is increasing – so you’re in very good company.  There are now some 11.4 million people aged 65 or over in the country, and this is projected to rise by over 40 per cent in the next 17 years to over 16 million*.

“This is a wonderful time to look forward with enthusiasm and optimism, and the conversation amongst friends and family may possibly turn to where and how you might like to live.  Of course this is a very personal choice, but perhaps it’s reassuring to know that many other people like you are having the very same thoughts.

“There’s much you could consider, so to help we have compiled a few ‘Tops Tips’ to ease the path while you explore your options.  There is no right or wrong answer – it’s your life and the opportunities are endless, so it’s about what works for you that matters,” he adds.

1. The advantages of rightsizing

The benefits are many and various, and while not all will necessarily apply to you, these might include:

  • Freeing yourself for new adventures
  • Releasing equity
  • Reducing your everyday domestic costs such as maintenance and utilities
  • Minimising the daily chores 
  • Resizing - letting go of a large house you no longer need
  • Helping to rid the feeling of loneliness and a sense of isolation that can be felt living alone in a large home
  • Feeling safe and secure
  • The peace of mind when you go away – just ‘lock up and leave’ whenever you want
  • A fresh start can in itself be very therapeutic – new home, new area, new activities, a wider circle of friends
“I feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable with my decision and the surroundings.  From living at the bottom of a lane and have no passing traffic to being able to see passing activity is a joy and makes me feel less isolated than I was.  Having someone always on call is also very comforting,” says Sue  Ramsden who has  recently moved into Richmond Witney, Oxfordshire   Mr and Mrs Kerton wanted peace of mind when they travelled, so chose Richmond Painswick.  “We want to travel while we can, and to be able to just ‘close the front door and go’ without worrying about what’s happening at home.”
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A new home to suit your needs

If you’re thinking of ‘rightsizing’, consider how much space you’ll actually need.

Many of us have just too much stuff, with whole rooms taken up with things we no longer use. It’s time to declutter and move on.  Think about what you actually need, and sell or give away the rest – you’ll find it cathartic!

Do you really need four or five bedrooms – how often do family or friends come to stay?  Perhaps two good size bedrooms with en suite would be enough?

2. Lifestyle choices

Are there any particular interests you want to continue, or are you looking to take up new hobbies and activities?  Gardening may have been one of your interests, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a slave to it.  Moving to a new environment where there are beautiful gardens that are maintained but where you can still get involved if you want, will relieve the guilt of an uncut lawn or un-swept leaves in autumn!

Retirement is a great time to do all those things you’ve always wanted to: new hobbies, new places to see and new destinations to travel to – the world really is your oyster.

Jonathan Basford, head gardener,
tending to the award winning grounds at Richmond Nantwich
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It’s never too late to get fit - Richmond Letcombe Regis wellness spa
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Try a new sport in your eighties like microlight flying!
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3. Health

Settling in a location close to the local GP surgery, dentist and out-patients department is a benefit to everybody, but perhaps even more so in later life.  Think about any possible future needs and how easy it will be to access help and support.

4. Getting around

Is your current home suitable for your future needs?  Steps and stairs, narrow doorways and getting in and out of the bath may become difficult, while the thought of living on one level becomes much more appealing.  And don’t just think about the inside but outside too; non-slip paths, flat broader pavements, traffic free areas and good lighting at night all help to make life easier.

5. Safe and sound

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is a basic requirement for everyone and the need for good security, lighting, door locks and 24-hour on-site help can only go to provide peace of mind.

Broaden your social circle, explore new activities and meet like-minded friends
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6. Social Life

Broadening your social circle with new and like-minded people is always exciting. Retirement is a brilliant time to explore new activities and interests and even more so if it creates the opportunity to make new and like-minded friends.

7. Location

People like to retain their independence, and getting down to the shops, the cinema or theatre with friends is enjoyable, so access to good public transport or an inclusive transport service as available free at Richmond Villages is seen as essential, particularly by those who have decided to stop driving.

A free transport service to retain your independence
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Somewhere comfortable where you can entertain your family
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8. Family matters

In this busy world, families are often scattered far and wide, so having contact and being able to see them is important, and when you do get together sharing quality time is vital.  Having reliable broadband and somewhere where they can stay overnight, share meals and special anniversaries is valued by all, especially the grandchildren.

9. Planning for the future

It’s not an easy subject to discuss but if you or your partner becomes unwell or even dies, how will this affect the other?  Perhaps they will need someone to look after them?  Talking this through pragmatically and rationally and planning ahead can help make things easier when life is at its most difficult.

10. Do the maths

Doing the sums is essential for any aspect of life.  Downsizing can often help to free up capital for a new home and possibly the cost of care in the future, as well as funding new interests and greater travel.  There is a multitude of different ways to cut the financial cake, but reliable professional advice you can trust is vital to ensure you enjoy the quality of life you want.

* Source: UK Office for National Statistics, 2015.

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About Richmond Villages

One of the pioneers in bringing the retirement village concept to the UK, Richmond Villages has been designing, building and operating its own villages for almost 20 years.  The company currently operates five luxury retirement villages located in Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, with its new village at Witney, Oxfordshire now opening, and construction at Aston-on-Trent, Derbyshire already well underway.

Richmond Villages is one of the leaders in the retirement living sector, and has an established reputation for the provision of quality service and care, and won numerous awards.

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